NCTC’s  work team, lead by the CEO, MSc (For.) Klaus Yrjönen, who has extensive experience in sustainable forestry projects translating theoretical bases into practical success in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our network has a wide range of experts in forestry and bio-economy development. We actively network and closely cooperate with Finnish and international private companies, development organizations, research institutes and universities.

The work team

Klaus Yrjönen

CEO, MSc (For.)

More than 30 years experience and profound knowledge of forestry and forest based bioeconomy. Experience in both Finland and in international projects in Russia, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

  • Sustainable forest management (e.g. reforestation, silviculture and forest certification)
  • Biodiversity in managed forests
  • Forest management planning
  • Harvesting and wood procurement
  • Forest based bioenergy and bioeconomy
  • Private small scale forestry
  • Forestry policies and programs, implementation of legislation
  • Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and Spanish