Finland: Training, Culture and Leisure all in one destination

Travel to Finland to participate in an innovative concept of training, while learning the keys of the high development culture and practicing leisure activities.

The forest sector in Finland has become well known for its success in Sustainable Forest Management practices. Therefore NC Training and Consulting is focused on designing global strategies, offering to those professionals who wish to acquire management tools in their actions scope, the opportunity to integrate: tailored training to our customer’s needs, along with the cultural cornerstones of its development, surrounded by an environment in which leisure activities will make you feel that you are enjoying a great vacation.

NC Training and Consulting, based on the keys of educational success and practical approaches formats, that make Finland comes in the top of the world, designs the training program, Culture and Leisure, on the following topics:

  1. Reforestation/Plantation forestry
  2. Silviculture
  3. Forest management planning
  4. Wood procurement
  5. Forest Certification
  6. Private small scale forestry/Community forestry/Agroforestry
  7. Bioenergy and Bio- economy


Program Benefits:

  • Know the keys of the Finnish Forest development
  • Understand cultural differences and their importance in the adaptation of theoretical and technical knowledge
  • Development of strategic frameworks for adaptation of gained knowledge
  • Development of planning formats to strengthen the organizational structure, based on models of cooperation and partnership management.
  • Exchange of experiences in the management models field for the identification of common action lines
  • Enjoy and learn from the Finnish concept of socializing the nature (sauna, boating, fishing, avanto, skiing etc.)



The teaching methodology plays an important role in the subsequent adaptation of the gain knowledge as the enjoyment of the stay, so special care in NC is dedicated to the integration of the academic program with a cultural and entertainment component. Program Structure:

  1. Lecture Conferences / Cases studies
  2. Exchange with business people from different segments of the forest sector
  3. Field visits to participate on-site processes
  4. Cultural keys of forest development
  5. Tours and recreational activities


Institutions participating in the training:

A wide network of organizations is involved in the training and development of academic and practical activities such as:

  • Universities
  • Research Institutions
  • Forestry companies
  • Forest Management Institutions
  • Companies producing machinery and forestry equipment
  • Private owners


Costs and Payment form:

  • We are pleased to prepare budgets depending on the number of participants (from 3 to 20 people)
  • Includes: Academic Activities, Certificates, Material, Food, Hosting, Field visits, Transportations in Finland, transportations Airport Helsinki-Hotel- Airport Helsinki and Local Tours.
  • Not included: Airplane tickets, visas and its processing.
  • Once the approved budget shall  be cancelled prior to travel 50 % and the remaining  50 %  at the check-in Finland
  • Optimal Dates: From May to June and from August to mid-October.



  • English / Spanish


Contact Information:

We are happy to satisfy your curiosity, through a cost quotation and more information about the program, do not hesitate contacting us at:

  • klaus.yrjonen @ (Ing Klaus Yrjönen. Tel. +358 40 547 9075)
  • anays.piirainen @ (Lic. Anays Piirainen . Tel. +358 40 728 2284 )